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released November 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Raw McCartney's Pussy Eater Indianapolis, Indiana

There was a time when Sir Raw McCartney came upon a period of great sadness and was forced away from the "world" much to his disdain. This forced him into the inevitable renaissance of Pussy Eater and it's never ending album. Now a days he is much happier, being able to control time and space again ... more

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Track Name: Do It Yourself
My boss called me a punk man
So I lost my job
Then I started a punk band
It's really not so hard

You can do it
You could do it yourself
You can do it
You should do it yourself
You can do it
Do it for yourself
All night long

I don't want to go to work man
I don't want to go to school man
I just want to play in punk bands
It's really not so hard man

You can do it
You could do it yourself
You can do it
You should do it yourself
You can do it
Do it for yourself
All night long
Track Name: Pussy Eater
Take it
Take it
Take that pussy out
Treat it
Treat it
Treat that pussy right
Eat it
Eat it
Eat that pussy out
Beat it
Beat it
Beat that pussy up

Track Name: Work Is The Mother Fucker That Keeps You Down
I don't work for the government
The man works for me
I don't care about you other suckers
I just want to be free


I don't care about parliament
It's such a drag
I don't know about you mother fucker
I don't fly any flags
Track Name: Everybody's Coming
Lost my job
Threw a fit
I'm so tired
I'm so sick

And now everybody's running tonight
Everybody's running tonight
Everybody's running
Everybody's running all right

I'm a slob
I'm still sick
In fact your girls heads
On my dick

And now everybody's coming tonight
Everybody's coming tonight
Everybody's coming
Everybody's coming all right
Track Name: Dirty Cunt
Walking down the street
You look so bad
Wearing the sheets
Of the guys you had

But your the one I want

Your not so sweet
In fact your trash
Your not discreet
So its a fact

Your just a dirty cunt
Track Name: Can't Be Named
I don't care what life's about
To get drunk and think it out
Something that want be named
Taught tricks or play some game

No-one to cone home to
Nothing to say or do
Want something new today
Don't want to play this game